Amaro Aviation is the gold standard of fractional ownership in Brazil.


Complete management for your fleet or aircraft to guarantee comfort and efficiency.


Amaro Aviation safety and quality charter on demmand, with cost offsets for aircraft owners.



Amaro Aviation is the gold standard of a fractional ownership in Brazil. Well-developed in the us and europe, fractional ownership is the most efficient way to fly for clients who use business aviation on a regular basis to optimize their use of time.

Fractional ownership is a method of owning the aircraft partially by purchasing a share of the aircraft proportional to the client’s needs of its usage, however having access to fly with this aircraft (equal or similar model) at any point, with just a few hours of prior notice.
In addition, amaro aviation provides all scheduling, flight planning, staffing, catering, maintenance, communications, concierge and insurance services.

This format allows the client to save time and money, concentrating on their work or leisure without any other worries.

Contact us for more information and learn how fractional ownership can benefit you and your company.


We provide complete management of your fleet or aircraft so that you have comfort, safety and control over your most valuable asset: your time. Amaro Aviation recruits the best professionals, coordinates maintenance, flights, purchases and payments so that you can be confident that your aircraft will always be available when you need to fly and always at the best price. Our management reports are accurate and in the same corporate formats used by our customers.

By engaging yourself with amaro aviation, you can fully rely on the service provided by our team of professionals, travelling safely and peacefully, concentrating on what is really essential to you.

Aircraft managed by Amaro Aviation are always available and operate at the highest levels of safety, efficiency and quality. Contact us to understand how our management services can best suit your aircraft.


Amaro Aviation’s safety, efficiency and quality can also be found on or charter service, with a diverse fleet of aircraft, ready to shuttle you to your destination.

Our charter service is an interesting option for aircraft owners with idle capacity in their assets. Allocating their aircraft to our charter program will generate revenue when the owner is not using the aircraft and therefore reducing the cost of their own flight hours.

Most aircraft owners do not use their aircraft to their full potential, missing out on an important revenue stream and paying more than they need to on their own flight hours.

Please contact us if you wish to understand how we can optimize the use of your aircraft.