About Us

Amaro Aviation is a private company, operating in the executive Aviation sector.

Our team is consists of professionals who have a long-term commitment to executive and global aviation. Safety, responsibility, honesty, transparency and trust are our main values.

Coming from a family with a tradition in the airline industry, Marcos Amaro, son of the pioneer captain Rolim Amaro who founded TAM Airlines, brings his knowledge, experience and passion to the company. Having marcos as chairman of the board of amaro aviation serves as a seal of approval for all customers, ensuring the highest quality as well as the safest and most efficient services.

Operational safety is guaranteed by a well-known and diverse team with experience in commercial and executive aviation, led by amaro aviation CEO David Barioni, Founder and Operational Vice President of GOL Airlines and President of TAM Airlines.

Our high standard of business aviation services is reinforced through a partnership with C_FLY Aviation, a company with more than 15 years of experience in aircraft management and executive airport management and aviation infrastructure.

Pilatus PC-12NGX and PC-24 and Gulfstream G550 aircraft make up our Intelligent Fleet, offering flexibility and efficiency to our customers. The maintenance of the fleet is carried out with technical rigor and attention to quality, including the interior and comfort of our aircraft.



guaranteed by those who founded gol and tam, catarina airport and gatgru (gruairport executive terminal). Our directors accumulate more than 45 years of experience individually and 50,000 flight hours.

Experienced pilots + modern aircraft (Pilatus and Gulfstream, industry icons).


in receiving detailed, audited management reports, with data security and use of best practices, in line with governance and compliance.

Processes, Processes, Processes.


from flight scheduling, to virtually anywhere (our jets operate even on short, unpaved runways), with the flexibility to also be able to use turboprops that operate on even more remote runways. Exclusive à la carte catering 365 days a year, 24 hours a day.

Service level agreement. Unique capillarity in Country


choose your business model:

  • Aircraft management;
  • Fractional ownership;
  • Charter;
  • In the future also with jet card, reflecting the most modern international practices.
Analyzing your mission profile, we will recommend the best model, or even a hybrid.


your data, your destinations, your costs. Embarking in exclusive and private terminals. Where and when you go are treated by us with the necessary discretion and care.

Our crew and attendants will be notified of your preferences, ensuring a courteous and attentive treatment. True hosts.

Board of Directors

Members of Amaro Aviation S/A

Marcos Amaro

Founder And Chairman


David Barioni

Partner And CEO


João Mellão

Partner And VP


Francisco Lyra

Partner And Board Member


Decio Yoshimoto

Partner And CFO


Carlos Eduardo do Valle



Franco Lyra

Sales Director


Claudio Camelier

Director of Strategy


Igor Bueno Carneiro Rodrigues

Operations Director


Raphael Gil Vespasiano Lopes

Operational Dispatch


Tais Oliveira

Administrative Manager


Gilberto Lago

Control Center Operations Director